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Whip It Up

Stephenson recently updated the processing guide of its popular Crystal OPC cosmetic base, more commonly known as Foaming Bath Butter. Crystal OPC is one of two cosmetic bases formulated by Stephenson (the other being Syndopour 200-MB) for making hair, face and body cleansing applications. You […]


Woof! Woof! Shampoof!

Making a shampoo for your loyal fur friend is one of the sweetest things you can do. We aren’t sure if it will appreciate the gesture but at least you’ll feel good about it. Choose a shampoo base that’s gentle to protect your dog’s coat […]


Itchy Shih Tzu

When we were going through the sample formulations provided by Terramater, the picture of a wide-eye Shih Tzu covered in black clay mask caught our attention. She’s just too cute. In the document, it states that the ‘subject’, a 10-year old Shih Tzu, exhibited symptoms […]

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Thai Thai Hand Soap

In our part of the world, the smell of lemongrass always evokes fond memories of a good massage in Bangkok. Nothing beats a good massage after a long, tiring day of eating and shopping. What if you can actually recreate this spa experience every day […]

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Is Lavandin, Lavender?

“Is Lavandin the same as Lavender?” is a question that people frequently ask. You must admit that it is pretty fascinating. Believe it or not, when people mention lavender, the majority of us only consider the common lavender we are familiar with. Does it have […]