What To Do If Your Dog Is Suffering From Severe Itching

When we were going through the sample formulations provided by Terramater, the picture of a wide-eye Shih Tzu covered in black clay mask caught our attention. She’s just too cute.

The ‘Subject’ – a 10-year old Shih Tzu suffering from atopic dermatitis.

In the document, it states that the ‘subject’, a 10-year old Shih Tzu, exhibited symptoms of atopic dermatitis and suffered severe itching. The skin was hardened; scabs formed; and there was pus. She had been treated with steriods.

A five-course treatment using Terramater’s black kaolin (Tersil CB) was administered on the poor Shih Tzu over a one-month period (first on March 4th, second on March 11th, third on March 18th, fourth on March 25th, and the final fifth treatment on April 6th). Just after the second course of treatment, the pus reduced considerably without them needing to use steroids.

Inspired by this cutie, we came up with the Itch-Tzu Mask to combat canine atopic dermatitis.

You need just two ingredients – black kaolin and yarrow floral water.

The ability of black kaolin to reduce inflammation and pus has been covered above. Now let’s talk about yarrow.

Yarrow contains poisonous toxins harmful to dogs and you should never administer yarrow essential oil on your four-legged friend. Yarrow hydrosol, or more commonly known as yarrow floral water, is safe to use topically. In fact, yarrow floral water is highly recommended to provide relief to itchy skin.

If your dog is itching excessively, why not give this natural remedy a try?

Itch-Tzu Mask

Course: Pet CareDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Mixing time





Single dose of Itch-Tzu Mask treatment.


  • 30 g black kaolin

  • 100 ml yarrow floral water


  • In a glass bowl, measure 30g of black kaolin and set aside. *Avoid using a metal bowl or a metal spoon when you are working with kaolin. Instead, use a glass bowl and a rubber spatula.
  • Slowly add yarrow floral water to the black kaolin while stirring with a rubber spatula until the desired consistency is achieved.


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