How To Use Stephenson Foaming Bath Butter Cosmetic Base

Stephenson Crystal OPC Foaming Bath Butter

Stephenson recently updated the processing guide of its popular Crystal OPC cosmetic base, more commonly known as Foaming Bath Butter.

Crystal OPC is one of two cosmetic bases formulated by Stephenson (the other being Syndopour 200-MB) for making hair, face and body cleansing applications.

You may download the new processing guide in pdf by clicking on the link below.

The new guide was updated following customers’ feedback. Let us highlight what to look out for:

  • Use enough Crystal OPC. If you don’t, the base will stick to the sides of the bowl and not mix/whip thoroughly enough to produce a fluffy whipped finish product. What’s considered enough? Stephenson recommends using between 800g to 1kg Crystal OPC (about one tub) with a standard 3.5L capacity bowl.
  • Cut Crystal OPC into 4cm to 5cm chunks. If you do not cut the base into small chunks, it can result in poor whipping.
  • Avoid mixing Crystal OPC on a continuous slow. This will result in a poorly whipped product. The new guide is explicit in saying that you need to start your mixer slow and begin to increase the speed to its highest setting as the base begins to loosen.
  • Whip the base between 10 to 15 minutes. The previous guide recommends whipping for 50 to 60 minutes. That’s a big difference!
  • Add water to make Crystal OPC softer. You may add up to 8% water while mixing to achieve a softer texture.

Click on the link below to download the previous processing guide in pdf if you are interested.

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