About Us

We make life smell good.

Founded in 2009, our company Pure Senses started out in Singapore as the sole distributor of Yankee Candle and Candle Warmers. Back then, enjoying a scented candle as a way of life wasn’t all that common in our tropical city.

Soon after, we were tasked with bringing Yankee Candle and Candle Warmers to Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. Today, we directly manage all the Yankee Candle stores in these territories.

Purely was created in 2021 out of a desire to make our business more circular. We wanted to create our own products based on circularity; we wanted to help the brands we represent close the loop on their packaging waste; and we wanted to support our customers in their endeavour to consume in a more sustainable and responsible way.

We choose to approach it by:

1. Eliminate Plastic. Plastic containers are often designed to be single-use. We replaced plastic containers with biophotonic glass containers that’s designed to naturally prolong the shelf life of our products. You may refill our products in our stores over and over again using the same glass container.

2. Reduce Excessive Packaging. We strive to wean off our dependency on excessive packaging to communicate quality.

3. Raise Refilling and Reusing. We are in the process of turning our network of retail stores into refilling stations and waste collection centres, allowing our customers to refill their products and to return their glass containers so that we may repurpose them for resale.

4. Create Refillable and (Re)Purpose Products. Most of our products are refillable in our stores. Our customers may also return their used Yankee Candle and Votivo glass jars to our stores. We clean them and we turn them into new products to sell. We have terrariums, jelly soaps and foaming bath butter all using used candle glass jars. These (Re)Purpose products are sold in our stores too.

Ultimately, we still remain steadfast in what we exist to do: to bring joy to your experience of life through your sense of smell.

We continue to scour the world for the most responsible producers making the best products and we work with them to make the enjoyment of these products affordable and accessible to you.

We make your life smell good.

Purely Yours.

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