How to Process Stephenson Hair Conditioner Base

We have 4 Easy Steps to guide you in converting the hair conditioner base into a finished product.

  1. To a sterilized vessel with a suitable stirrer (preferably with variable speed), lid, and preferably with a heater, add the Hair Conditioner Base.

 Please note: The best type of agitation is likely to have large blades that go close to the edge of               the sides of the vessel. Just a small propeller stirrer in the middle of the vessel may not be                       sufficient.

2. With the stirrer on slow, heat the hair conditioner base to 38 to 40-degree celsius. Add organic essential oils as required (typically add 0.2 to 0.5%). Stir for 15 to 30 minutes, or until all the oil has fully dispersed.

3. Fill it into the required containers.

4. Take a sample for microbiological testing both before and after filling.

Important Notes:

  • Like all water-based personal care products, Hair Conditioner Base is susceptible to microbial contamination, even though it has passed microbial preservative challenge testing. Good hygiene and good manufacturing practices must be carried out when using this product at all times.
  • Like all lotions, your formulations should first pass stability testing and microbial preservative challenge testing before you manufacture them.