How to Process Stephenson Liquid Shampoo Base C-MB

This time, we want to guide you through the steps of how to convert shampoo base into a finished product.

But, before commencing with processing the product, please be aware that the product may arrive to you in a state of aeration. This can be resolved during the initial stirring of the base. To deaerate the product slowly, stir the product, preferably with a small amount of heat. This may take some time, but the bubbles will eventually dissipate.

Steps to Process Shampoo Base

  1. To a sterilized vessel with a suitable stirrer (preferably with variable speed), a lid, and preferably a heater, add the Shampoo Base.Please note: The best type of agitation is likely to have large blades that go close to the edge of the sides of the vessel. Just a small propeller stirrer in the middle of the vessel may not be sufficient. Homogenization will aerate the product.
  2. The speed of agitation should be slow initially and gradually increased until the thick Shampoo Base can be seen to be moving at the sides of the vessel. Once the Shampoo Base starts moving, it will temporarily thin. Adjust agitation speed, so it is at the minimum speed that allows the Shampoo Base to be slowly moving at the sides of the vessel.Please note: If the Shampoo Base is stirred too quickly and becomes aerated, the air bubbles become temporarily suspended in the product and give it a more translucent or opaque appearance. It could take several days or weeks for the air to come out of the product.
  3. Heating is not usually a requirement, however, if the temperature is below 20°C then it may be an advantage to warm whilst stirring to 20 – 25°C. To speed up the time it takes to dissolve the essential oils, it may help if you pre-warm the Shampoo Base to 30 – 35°C. With the stirrer on, add the organic essential oils as required (typically add 0.2 – 0.5%). Stir for 15 – 30 minutes, or until the essential oils are fully dispersed and in some cases fully dissolved.

    Please note: Heating the Shampoo Base does not decrease the viscosity.

    Important note:

    Like all water-based personal care products, Shampoo Base is susceptible to microbial contamination, even though it has passed microbial preservative challenge testing. Good hygiene and good manufacturing practices must be carried out when using this product at all times.

Filling on Shampoos

  1. Before filling the processed shampoo, it is advisable that it passes microbiological testing.
  2. When filling the shampoo, please remember that if it becomes very aerated, it will get a temporary more translucent or opaque appearance, and it could take several days or weeks for the air to come out and for it to gain its clarity.
  3. The filled product should pass microbiological testing.

     Please note:

    Like all shampoos, your formulations should first pass stability testing and microbial preservative          challenge testing before you manufacture them.