Purely brings Vantage’s top-range skin lightening active ingredients to end users

1 October 2022, Singapore – Consumers may now buy Vantage’s top-range skin lightening active ingredient – Evoil Hydracare Lightening – traditionally supplied only to cosmetic manufacturers to formulate high performance skin care products targeting hyperpigmentation.

Purely resized the preservative-free and heat stable skin lightener for retail in a 15ml biophotonic bottle. The Dark Spots Lightening Face Oil is now available for sale at all Purely stores and purelyours.com for S$50.

The formulation comprises oily extracts from aloe barbadensis, rheum rhaponticum, carotenoids, glabridin, natural tocopherol isolated from helianthus annuus, and up to a 0.1% of dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate, making it 99.9% natural.

The Dark Spots Face Oil may be added to an oil-based cream or lotion as the key ingredient for lightening and sun protection. Essential oils may also be added for fragrance and other skin benefits. For best results, use undiluted.

Efficacy tests on reconstructed human epidermis shows that the face oil exhibited depigmenting activities after just 4 doses at 100% concentration, reducing melanin production by 47% versus negative control.

Most lightening products in the market today are formulated in aqueous base. The Dark Spots Lightening Face Oil, however, is an oily base. The absence of water prevents microbial degradation, allowing the product to be free of preservatives.

The world’s top cosmetic brands have relied on Vantage for their naturally-derived, specialty ingredients to deliver significant improvements in addressing such consumers’ skincare concerns as dullness, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

While the consumers today enjoy unprecedented access to information about cosmetic ingredients, they do not often have access to the supply of these ingredients. Purely bridges this gap by offering to end users such high performance ingredients as Vantage’s skin lightening active.

About Purely

Purely is a leading fragrance and cosmetics brand founded in Singapore. We started out as the distributor and retailer of Yankee Candle in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore in 2009. We are now on a mission to make our business, our products, and the products of the brands we represent circular. What we strive to bring to the world remains the same – creating joy for our customers through our sense of smell. We make life smell good.