Purely Return

Breathe New Life into Used Jars

Drop off your used Purely, Votivo and Yankee Candle glass bottles at any of our stores.

What types of glass bottles do you accept?

We accept the following used glass bottles:

  1. Purely bottles of all sizes;
  2. Votivo candle glass jars of all sizes;
  3. Yankee Candle glass jars and tumblers of all sizes; and
  4. Purely and Yankee Candle reed diffuser bottles (please do not throw away the bottle stopper and return it to us together with the bottle).

Can I return glass bottles of other brands?

No. At present, we do not collect used glass bottles of other brands that we do not sell.

Do I need to clean the glass bottle before returning it?

You do not need to clean the used glass bottle if you are returning it to our stores in Malaysia and Singapore. If you are returning the glass bottle to our Hong Kong stores, please clean the used glass bottle before returning it.

What do you do with the glass bottle that I return?

In Hong Kong, the used glass candle jars we collect are given to a glass recycling company. In Malaysia and Singapore, we clean the glass bottles and we either repurpose them into new products for sale, like our (Re)Purpose Terrarium and (Re)Purpose Reed Diffuser or we re-sell them as secondhand glass bottles.

Do I get anything in return for dropping off my glass bottles?

We know that you aren’t dropping off the used glass bottle because you expect something in return. However we do give you a small token in the form of a store credit (RM0.50 in Malaysia, S$0.20 in Singapore) for every used glass bottle you return regardless of the type of bottle.