Purely Refill

What products can I refill?

Refilling is available for Purely reed diffuser, fragrance oil, essential oil, hair & face oil, floral water, carrier oil, kaolin, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, liquid soap and face cleanser. You may refer to the sticker label on the Purely product to find out if refilling is available on the product. It will print “You may refill or return this bottle at any Purely store”.

Do I need to bring my own bottle?

Yes. You need to bring along your used Purely bottle. You may also bring your own vessel. Refills are available in multiples of volume indicated here:

  • Reed diffuser (120ml)
  • Fragrance oil (30ml)
  • Essential oil (10ml)
  • Hair & face oil (15ml)
  • Floral water (100ml)
  • Carrier oil (100ml)
  • Kaolin (60g)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash & liquid soap (250ml)
  • Face cleanser (250ml)

For example, our reed diffuser is in a 120ml bottle. If you bring your own vessel, you may refill your bottle in 120ml, 240ml, 360ml. Please do not bring a bottle that holds less than 120ml.

Do I need to clean my bottle?

Yes. Please clean and dry your bottle. We will refill your bottle as-is.

Do I have to refill the same product as the bottle label or can I use the bottle for say, another fragrance?

You may use your used bottle to refill any product that uses the same bottle and closure. For example, you may use your Organic Peppermint essential oil to refill Organic Lemongrass essential oil. Please note that we will not provide you with a new label indicating that it’s Organic Lemongrass.

Also, no matter how many times you clean it, there’s likely to be some level of fragrance contamination when you use the same bottle for two different fragrances.

If having zero fragrance contamination is really important for you, we recommend that you either (1) use the same bottle for the same product or (2) return your used bottle to us for a cash rebate and buy a brand new one at full price instead of refilling.

For personal use, we think having a bit of fragrance contamination is something we can live with. Trying to wash off the fragrance with a large amount of water and/or alcohol simply waste more resources, something that we can avoid by simply tolerating a negligible level of fragrance contamination.

Do I save any money by refilling?

Yes. Refilling your used bottle will cost you less than buying a brand new one. Here’s how much you save by reusing and refilling your used bottle:

  • Fragrance oil (You save S$7)
  • Essential oil (S$4)
  • Hair & face oil (You save S$5)
  • Floral water (You save S$5)
  • Carrier oil (You save S$5)
  • Kaolin (You save S$5)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash & liquid soap (You save $6)
  • Face cleanser (You save $6)